A social experiment, with (virtual) cocktails

I teach arts marketing.  And most people who are at all familiar with marketing know that the advent of social media has changed the way that people market.  So, this semester, I’m going to try an experiment.  I’m going to teach about social media marketing — and I’ll be using social media to teach it.

Hence the blog.

Jim Tobin and Lisa Braziel have written a book called “Social Media Is Like A Cocktail Party.”  I really like that concept, and not just because I like cocktails (Absolut Cosmo, if anyone’s buying).  The premise is that jumping in to social media without knowing the rules is kind of like crashing a social event and making a fool of yourself.  This blog is my attempt to learn the rules, gain some wisdom from social butterflies, and (perhaps) get some cool new ideas to pass on to my students and the organizations I work with.

But because this is social media, we have to be social.  And I am a teacher and I have to teach.  So here is your first task.  We need to name this blog.  Do me a favor, and suggest some names, please.

Here’s what I like: I want something that is clever and maybe even tastefully punny (like my favorite blogs, The Artful Manager and Life’s A Pitch) but that also says something about what’s going on here.

And because it’s a party, someone gets a prize!  If I choose you your name for the blog, you’ll get a cool prize.  And I have some really cool prizes, ask my students.  There was almost a fistfight last year in class over the Claude Monet finger puppet.

I’ll choose the new name on September 20.  So… GO!


About Ellen Rosewall

I am Professor and Chair of Arts Management and author of Arts Management: Uniting Arts and Audiences in the 21st Century (Oxford University Press, 2013). I believe that arts and culture are undergoing a profound change in the 21st century, and I love talking with people about how we continue to bring arts to our communities and individuals give the brave new world of social media, technology and economic changes. Join the conversation!
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22 Responses to A social experiment, with (virtual) cocktails

  1. Jean Wentz says:

    Ellen’s Cocktail Address…it’s virtually classy!

  2. Jean Wentz says:

    Hello??? Is anybody else there???

  3. Cool! And WordPress is the best 🙂 Sorry I’m not feeling very clever today but I’ll think about it 😀 Good luck with the blog

  4. Margaret Burton says:

    Here are the first few out of the gate… I’ll keep drinking. I mean… THINKing!!!
    1) Olive Arts (say it out loud, and you’ll get this one)
    2) Ellen’s ARTini! … or you could pair it up with something mysterious sounding; Artini Noir, Artini Soiré, or whatever kind of Artini you like. Chocolate Artini. Absolut Artini. Social Media Artini. (or just… “Artini!”)
    3) Arts: Shaken not Stirred
    4) Arts on the Rocks
    5) Arts Uncorked
    6) Arts Cocktail

    So far, ARTini is my favorite.

  5. Jean Christl says:

    I like that Jean… Ellen’s Coctail AdDress….

  6. Jean Christl says:

    ok..I will spell it correctly… Ellen’s Cocktail AdDress…. geez

  7. Ryan says:

    The Business of Art Business

    Taking the Starve out of Artist:
    Where artists stay competitive through contemporary business strategies

    Art Management Ninja
    How to skulk, strike and succeed in the art world

    An Artists Thrives
    Management and business techniques for now!

    The CAE in You!
    Chief Artist Executive

    Inspire the world; express yourself; pay the bills
    Living and leading as an artistic manager and advocate

    I love titles…but I don’t think any of these have that catch you’re looking for. Will give more thought. I’m in an office right now…you can tell that there’s a little bit of a management feel to them….I’m stain-glassing tonight…that will put me back on the other end! 🙂

  8. Some ideas for the name:
    Socially: Straight up or On the Rocks
    Buzzed on Social Media
    Don’t be a Social Teetotaler

  9. Mark Zirbel says:

    In keeping with the whole “party” theme:
    Schmooze It or Lose It

  10. Anni says:

    I’ve got to concur with ARTini. Simple & easy to remember.

    Rock on, sister!

  11. Sandy Simpson-Kraft says:

    Has anyone said Arts Buzzed?
    Social Artitude
    pARTty Line

    I like Artini, too.

    Or, If I’m still sitting in my chair, I clearly have not had enough to drink (no wait–that was a party I went to about a zillion years ago).

    Clearly need more dayquil/nyquil…


  12. Margaret Burton says:

    Artini is still my favorite, but here are a few more:

    Sgt. Rosewall’s Only Arts Club Blog
    (sit back and let the evening go…) ♫♫

    Arts A la Twitter

    Arts Aperitif

  13. Jean Wentz says:

    Sgt. Rosewall’s Only Arts Club Blog! Ha ha ha – that is a good one. I think Sgt. Ellen’s Only Arts Club Blog flows better, though. Now I’m going to sing those words all the time!

    And it’s all your fault that as I was trying to fall asleep last night, possible clever titles raced through my brain and kept me awake. (Most of which I’m sure I’ve forgotten in the light of day.) I was trying to think of phrases that have “heart” in them and replacing that with “Art”, like:

    Take Art!
    Art Attack
    Art on a String
    Bloggin’ with the Queen of Arts
    Ace of Arts
    Change of Art

    (And these would be bad….)
    Broken Art

    Or, non-heart related:
    The Artful Blogger

    None of these have anything to do with cocktails, but you could just add “Happy Hour” after any one of them and….there you go.

  14. Amber Wolf says:

    Here’s some punny titles:

    Party On Dude
    Party Hardy
    Buisness in the front, party in the back

  15. Lisa says:

    Hey Ellen!
    Here are a few of my ideas!

    wine and gouda advice
    the good, the bad and the art manager

    Someone take this bottle of Bushmills away from me… that might be a cool blog name?

  16. Michael Rosewall says:

    Art Link Letter


  17. Michael Rosewall says:

    Or these (the AM stands for Arts Management)

    AM Coffee
    AM in America
    AM Rush
    AM Rush Hour
    AM Buzz

  18. Jennifer Becker says:

    Art… the real Happy hour begins.
    Art…A refined persons drink of choice.

  19. Ben Hogan says:

    Let’s get to the Art of the matter.

  20. Trisha France says:

    Ok so here is my imput on names:

    1. The community of creative correspondence
    2. Guide by example, create by action
    3. Friendly action art
    4. The medium of amusing creativity
    5. Amusing Imagination
    6. The art of Talking
    7. Creative guide in action
    8. preforming friendly correspondence
    9. Artistry in the new world
    10. Creative culture
    11. An influentially skilled butterfly
    12. Communication amuses imagination

    these last three are my favorite
    13. The cultivated community
    14. Announcing the creative butterfly
    15. Mentoring artistry in action

    well hopefully that will help,

  21. Hmmm…names for the blog…

    Other than just a name with art in it, you could coin your own phrase. Here are a few I have thought of:

    -Where there is Art, there is Life.

    -Without Art, there would be no Heart.

    -kunst, sining, umjetnost, sztuka: art will remain art, even if we do not understand it.

    there are a few for you to try out 🙂

  22. Emily Evenson says:

    Great ideas, I really like Artini though. I also like Emilee’s phrase with art in the other languages. 🙂

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