Warning: this post is Amberized!

I will be short and sweet in this post, something in class we call “pulling an Amber.”   Amber has had great success in her blog posting short messages with fun questions.  I don’t know if my question will be as fun, but I don’t want it to get lost in the shuffle.

If your organization uses social media, what is the philosophy or rationale behind what you’ve chosen to do?

Hint: “we do it because everyone else is so we have to” is not a correct answer and I will not accept it.

In the next week, my students will be compiling a list of questions to ask the organizations whose social media marketing they are analyzing.  This is my contribution to the interview.  Please let us know your thoughts — who knows, your answer may help a poor student get a better grade!


About Ellen Rosewall

I am Professor and Chair of Arts Management and author of Arts Management: Uniting Arts and Audiences in the 21st Century (Oxford University Press, 2013). I believe that arts and culture are undergoing a profound change in the 21st century, and I love talking with people about how we continue to bring arts to our communities and individuals give the brave new world of social media, technology and economic changes. Join the conversation!
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