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New models for funding the arts

This week, fifty or so arts leaders from our community gathered together to discuss new models for funding the arts and artists.  It was part of a national dialogue called Creative Conversations facilitated by Americans for the Arts.  According to … Continue reading

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Ziosk at Chili’s – can I get an Amen?

Michael and I had lunch at Chili’s yesterday (my new trademark: “sacrificing my body for marketing knowledge since 1963”).  On our table was a cute little device called a Ziosk: On the Ziosk, you can do a number of amazing … Continue reading

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Snow plow art – only in Green Bay

When I started writing this blog, I intended to focus on technology and trends in the arts, but I think when we see something cool, whether it is high tech or decidedly the opposite, we need to celebrate it. Last … Continue reading

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