Ziosk at Chili’s – can I get an Amen?

Michael and I had lunch at Chili’s yesterday (my new trademark: “sacrificing my body for marketing knowledge since 1963”).  On our table was a cute little device called a Ziosk:

On the Ziosk, you can do a number of amazing things.  You can see the array of available drink specials (Margarita, Blackberry Margarita, Presidential Margarita, Top Shelf Margarita, Pomegranate Margarita, and Jack & Coke), dessert options, and other menu items.  You can pay your bill (a receipt spits out underneath), calculate a tip and even split a bill.  You can call your waiter or even get a coupon for a free queso and chips if you join the club.

But the most exciting aspect of the Ziosk to me was the fact that it also functioned as a little entertainment center on your table.  Yep, there were a number of apps which provided videos, games, trivia and other fun stuff.  Several of the apps were free, and others cost 49 cents – which you could add to your bill by swiping your card on the attached swiper.  I can imagine this feature making parents of small children very, very happy.

Here’s a nice little video from the Ziosk folks that shows all of its cool cool features.

The feature, though, that most excited me as a marketer was the ability to look up what is playing at local movie theaters and BUY TICKETS RIGHT THERE.

The Ziosk we were playing with didn’t have an app for local events and arts, but it sure wouldn’t be difficult to do.  Many communities have tourism apps (here’s one from Door County).  Wouldn’t it be worth the advertising cost to directly target people already out for an evening who are killing time before their burgers arrive?


About Ellen Rosewall

I am Professor and Chair of Arts Management and author of Arts Management: Uniting Arts and Audiences in the 21st Century (Oxford University Press, 2013). I believe that arts and culture are undergoing a profound change in the 21st century, and I love talking with people about how we continue to bring arts to our communities and individuals give the brave new world of social media, technology and economic changes. Join the conversation!
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One Response to Ziosk at Chili’s – can I get an Amen?

  1. Kelly Pfeifer says:

    Ryan and I played on the ziosk at our local Chili’s a few weeks ago. There’s a very popular movie theater right next door so it’s extremely convenient and smart to have the ticket purchasing service! I liked the games, too. I didn’t want to push the “call waiter” button because it felt too much like ringing a bell to a maid! But we definitely liked the experience 🙂

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